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Contract terms and conditions services


The programs, active tourism activities, trips, expeditions, outdoor events operated by CUATRO ELEMENTOS SAS may or may not take place in wild places, far from the city or inhospitable, where human activity, urban centers and hospitals may or may not be far away.

The services provided by CUATRO ELEMENTOS SAS can be:

Regular Tours or Special Trips:
These may or may not be shared with people who hire the service independently.

These are assembled and developed according to the needs of the group (activities, duration, category of services, etc.)

Private groups:
Private services are provided to people or groups in which only he / they are part of the program.



Fixed dates
They are those that are determined in advance and do not undergo modifications. The programs are contracted and developed on the established dates. These are fixed according to favorable times of the year for their development.

Variable dates
They are made according to the existing demand. They may or may not be hired in advance. If so, subject to the current reservation policy.



These are made by paying 30% of the total value of the contracted service. Subject to availability. The reservation is fully confirmed once the initial deposit (30%) has been made.

Full payment:
This must be done 2 days before the date of completion of the service, paying the remaining 70%.

Payment Methods:
By credit card (Consult), Cash or bank deposit.
Mercado Pago

Website contracting:
100% payment must be made through our website via Mercado Pago.



Cancellations by the passenger
It must be notified in writing, signed, sent by e-mail and its receipt will be notified. The Percentage of refundable funds to the client varies according to the days in which the Notification was received. (The days count from the date the Notice was received , during office hours, not being these, weekend days or holidays)

Cancellation refund table (per block)

Percentage of total value

Days prior to the tour/expedition

100% 7 days or more.

75 %. 7-3 days.

50 %. 3- 1 days.

0 %. The same day.

Special cases:
If the passenger is unable to travel due to force majeure (accidents, health problems, death, etc.), they can be transferred to another person, or make the trip on another date (depending on availability and within 6 months after the start date).

Cancellations by CUATRO ELEMENTOS SAS.

1- Minimum number of passengers (MIN PAX).
It is the minimum number of passengers necessary to carry out or to make the crossing , trip, ascent or expedition operable. In cases where the minimum number of people is not met, CUATRO ELEMENTOS SAS may cancel the service up to 1 day before service.
In that case:

a) The total money paid by each of the members will be refunded. In these cases, the passenger has nothing to claim other than the exact amount of money paid to book the trip. The eventual cancellation of the trip for not having reached the minimum number of passengers (MIN. PAX) does not imply any compensation for any reason to the passenger.

b) The service may be carried out if it exists by mutual agreement by the interested parties, paying a higher price, to reach the amount necessary to carry out the tour with less than the (MIN PAX) initially required.

2- Due to weather conditions:
In the case that during or prior to the service the climatic conditions in the different areas or areas where the activity will be carried out (torrential rains, wind, snow, waves, river flooding, flooded land, volcanic eruptions, natural catastrophes, earthquakes, etc.) are adverse, the organization may:

a) Submit a travel alternative.
b) Cancel all or part of the itinerary.
c) Postpone the trip waiting for favorable weather conditions.
In these cases it does not mean that there will be a refund of money in any of the mentioned cases.

3- Force Majeure:

In cases of force majeure, understanding as such those circumstances outside the person who invokes them, abnormal and unforeseeable, whose consequences could not be avoided despite having acted with due diligence. (Political Demonstrations, Terrorist Acts, war, armed confrontations, Social Demonstrations, strikes, Cancellation or rescheduling of: flights, land, sea or lake transport, earthquakes, natural disasters, eruptions and/or Volcanic Ash, fires, environmental catastrophes, snow avalanches , torrential rains, etc.) These are cases in which CUATRO ELEMENTOS SAS has no control over them and outside its organization, which may cancel the service at any time by returning the amount paid so far, except for the “Expenses of Management” (if it occurs before 60 days from the date of service) or a “Reservation Expenses” according to the service (if it occurs within 7 days from the date of service), subject to the proportional or total costs incurred by the company (hiring of guides, meals, transportation, logistics, reservations, ect.)

CUATRO ELEMENTOS SAS is not responsible for the expenses of accommodation, maintenance, transportation and others caused by delays in departures or returns of means of transportation due to weather, technical, strikes and other force majeure causes.

4- Evacuations:

In the case that an evacuation is necessary, whether due to accident, illness, death, weather conditions, natural disasters or fortuitous event that occurred during the journey, excursion or expedition. All expenses incurred by any of these before mentioned points will be borne by each participant.

CUATRO ELEMENTOS SAS is not responsible for the loss, robbery or theft, partial or total breakage of objects (photo cameras,video cameras,, lenses, watches, money, valuables, clothing, go pro, etc.)

CUATRO ELEMENTOS SAS reserves the right to take photographs and/or film any of its activities and use them for advertising, promotions, etc.

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